Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is not exactly the same thing as hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy uses trance states, i.e., hypnosis or altering levels of consciousness, to help a client learn what she or he might know with another part of themselves, but which they haven’t yet accessed or applied to obtain the outcomes they are seeking. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis have a vast range of applications, since ultimately we’re working with consciousness itself.

My work as a hypnotherapist is always case specific, and therefore, whether I’m addressing an individual or a group, I first want to learn something about how they operate in their own worlds. All of us have at some time in our lives experienced change and growth, sometimes under the most difficult of situations, and I can help you locate the resources you might already have in order to change and grow now. I can also teach you where to look beyond your limiting ideas about yourself. This is why my services are classified as educational.

Our work together is outcome oriented, meaning that you and I decide what will constitute success. Clients usually come to me to confront specific issues, but also they often continue to consult with me as the circumstances of their lives change. Success needs to be renewed, and so I am often employed as a life coach or spiritual coach along my clients’ paths.










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