News about my novel, 11.1.19


My novel is now available through various online outlets.  The quickest way to find a link to purchase it in print and e-book formats is this one, at my publisher’s website:

You can imagine how excited I am to have reached this milestone, and those of you who are writers will especially understand what’s ahead:  the next mountain for me to scale is called  “Sales.” I made this book with love, sweat, tears, and years, and I want to get it into the hands of as many readers as possible. I need your help for that.  

Here’s what you can do right away:

—Buy Carnevale, read it, live in it, tell everyone you know what a good time you’ve had. 

—Order it through your local bookstore:  they need your support. 

—Recommend it to your book clubs: it will give you plenty to savor, chew over and digest. 

—If you have contacts with book stores, libraries, news outlets, radio stations, or other media, suggest they schedule a reading by me, or review the book, or interview me about it. 

—If you live within driving range of Ithaca, host a salon evening at which I will read and discuss the novel and related topics with you and your friends.  

COME TO THE BOOK LAUNCH!  Mark your calendars: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6 (Saint Nicholas’ Day)  6:30 PM at  the Foundation of Light, 391 Turkey Hill Road, Ithaca, NY.  I’ll have print copies for sale and will sign any you have already purchased. 

Here are some comments by people who’ve already read the novel: 

Poet Peter Fortunato’s debut novel, Carnevale,  is all that its name promises—festive and celebratory, but also poignant and sometimes sad, a reminder that even as we celebrate, a season of hardship might be heading our way.  Fortunato has a poet’s way with language and a magician’s ability to turn a page into an adventure.  Bravo!

—Jeanne Mackin, author of The Last Collection

Carnevale is a coming of age novel on a number of fronts, written in a language that is both intellectually accountable and as robust and lyrical as those first full blown days of spring.  It is a celebration, and it doesn’t flinch.  Family, Italian-American style, has never had it so good.

—Lamar Herrin, author of Father Figure and Fractures.


Maryland’s poet laureate and playwright Grace Cavalieri 

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